The Big D Charity Horse Show - April 27 - 30, 2017
U N I T E D  P R O F E S S I O N A L  H O R S E M E N 
Barbe Smith , Chairman
Patty Milligan, Co-Chairman
Dear Sir or Madam:
The members of the UPHA Chapter 6/7 would like to recommend the following list of rules to be used in the Academy Division at the horse shows in our Chapter which consist of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.
The Lesson Horse –
1) Open only to horses or ponies used in a Lesson Program
2) Horses may crossenter in performance classes at the same show
3) Academy Performance classes shall be judged on therider’s horsemanship and the overall picture of the rider and horse
4) Academy Equitation classes shall bejudged on Basic Equitation skills
5) English Tack is to be used, unless otherwise specified. Full, snaffle orPelham bridles may be used.
The Academy Rider –
1) Open to students enrolled in a lesson program
2) An Academy Rider maycross enter in another division, but not at the same show, with the exception of driving classes
3) Headers areallowed in all Academy classes if needed for safety
4) Once a rider has shown in a canter class – of any breed– they may not return to the Walk/Trot Division
5) Age of entries are determined by the age as of Dec 1 of the previous year – USEF rules
6) Braiding and Hoof blackening is optional
7) Acceptable Attire – dark slacks or jods – boots or footwear with heels – collared shirt with vest or sweater – man’s tie – Derbies orother traditional headgear is optional – No riding suits or day coats are allowed
8) Neatness of attire andcleanliness of tack will be judged.
The Academy Maiden Division –
1) For riders who have never won a blue ribbon in a Walk/Trot/Canterclass.
The Academy Limit Division –
1) For riders who have won less then six blue ribbons inWalk/Trot/Canter classes
2) Maiden riders qualify for this division.
The Advanced Academy Division –
1) For riders, who have won six or more blue ribbons AND have competed in the Academy Walk/Trot/Canter division for at least 2 years.
2) All blue ribbons won in the last two years in the W/T/C division - in any division - count toward which division you will show in
3) Blue ribbons won in a one horse class do not count
4) Any rider wishing to move up to the Advanced division may do so – but may not return to the Limit division.